Building Process

Step 1
Builder Meeting

Have your licensed Real Estate Agent set up a Builder Meeting, or call/email directly to get in touch. This is where we find out your wants and needs for your home and get an idea for the features, plan type, lot location and layout. A Bid Proposal can be drawn up at this meeting, giving you the bottom-line dollar amount your new home will cost. (This assumes you have been pre-qualified for a home loan with a mortgage lender).

Step 2
Find your Land

Your licensed Real Estate Agent or ours can search the area for land that fits your requirements or you can choose from the available land that Sumner Company has in inventory. If you already own the land you would like to build on, skip this step.

Step 3
Design your Plan

Bring us your plan from an architect or a plan book, choose one of our existing plans, or if you have your own layout in mind we can design you something from scratch. No matter the design, we can build it. (No cocktail-napkin sketches, please).

Step 4
Begin Construction

After a plan and lot are selected, we sign a Purchase and Sale agreement. When the features, layout, and plot plan are finished a Notice to Proceed is signed and construction begins. The typical timeframe is 120 days for construction, but can extend to 180 days depending on the time of year and complexity of the home. In over 30 years of business Sumner Company has never been late even a single day.

This is where the hard part happens - you have to choose everything that goes into your new home!

Step 5
Move into your dream home!

At the end of construction (on time), we do several walk-throughs to ensure the house is up to our rigorous standards and yours. During Familiarization Walk-Through, Max will take you through your entire house and explain every system and its operation, warranty registration cards for your appliances, and cover the maintenace for your new home.

Your bank is provided with all of the completion documents and inspection reports in order to meet underwriting approval. Then we meet at the title company to sign the paperwork. The next business day it records and you're the new owner!