Frequently Asked Questions

I own my own land. Can you build on it?

Yes. We can build on a parcel you already own. There are several ways it can work:  You can deed the property to us with a Quit-Claim deed as your earnest money downpayment, and it is credited back to you at closing. (Preferred Method). You can keep the title to the property in your name and arrange for construction financing and pay for the home in periodic draws. (Most costly for the Buyer).  You can have a lawyer arrange a Real Estate Trust to hold the lot in escrow during the construction of the home. (Most complicated).

I have my own plan/sketch/architect drawings, can you build them?

In most cases the answer is "Yes", we can typically build from a working set of prints from an architect, plan book or plan website. In some cases the plans have deficiencies in design which have to be addressed before construction begins. We can also draft a working set of prints from your own sketches or ideas (with earnest money downpayment) free of charge. Under no circumstances will we build another builder's proprietary plans wihtout express written consent, or violate copyright law.

Do I need a Real Estate Agent?

Licensed Real Estate agents help navigate the house buying process and protect your interests. All of our pricing is based upon paying a new construction real estate commission.

How long would it take for you to build me a custom home?

Our tyical timeline is 120 days, depending on the time of year and complexity of the project, it may be longer but typically never more than 180 days. Before we begin construciton we commit to a timeline, and in over 30 years of business we have only been late twice.

Do I need to arrange for construction financing?

No, the entire construction funds are provided by Sumner Company. After the initial downpayment of Earnest Money, your purchase will come in one lump sum at the end of construction, and in most cases comes in the form of a mortgage from the your bank.

Do you have a set of "Standard Features"?

Since the options are endless in construction of a new home, some people can feel overwhelmed by all of the choices available. In most cases, people choose to have a house built at a certain features level (with the addition or subtraction of a few amenties/features/upgrades). Our three levels of finish are: Basic Features, Standard Features and Upgraded Features, with our Standard Features being the most popular. All three features lists are available upon request but are not published publicly.